When being charged or discharged enables the vehicle body height adjustment, the air spring module is very crucial for delivering desired ride performance.


As the replacement of the traditional coil spring, the air spring is not only able to carry the payload but also able to minimize the impact between the vehicle body and rubber stops. Also, if properly engineered, the air spring is related to much better isolation effect against the high frequency vibration and thus cockpit NVH quality. With its nonlinear stiffness characteristics, the air spring tends to remain the suspension offset frequency independent to the loads and therefore deliver the preferred ride performance.


KASCO is capable of designing and optimizing the air spring module according to our client requirements. Following the initial design phase, the desired stiffness characteristics can be achieved by KH engineer team specializing in chassis tuning. The annual output of 150,000 sets of ECS system can be achieved by KH Huzhou plant where DV & PV are strictly implemented in compliance with the relevant standards.